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Worship Warriors

All pupils at Borden are automatically one of our Worship Warrior team and we offer a range of ways for our children to engage with their spirituality. This may be through:


Weekly reflective challenges


At the start of each week, we set a weekly challenge. This may involve practical actions, writing thoughts, drawing pictures, personal prayer or other ideas.


Evaluating worship


We regularly evaluate our Collective Worship sessions and pupils, staff, governors and parents are involved in this process. Through this evaluation, we are able to listen to our school community and evaluate the impact of worship on the school community. We can also find ways to improve to ensure that we meet the needs of all members of our school community.


Quiet Reflection


Time is provided during each worship session for stillness and quiet reflection. This may be through moments of silence, personal prayer and through responding to questions or ideas posed. Reflective spaces can be found in every classroom, in the hall and in a special area of our playground and are changed regularly. Members of all faiths and none are encouraged to engage with these spaces in any way they feel comfortable.




We use prayer throughout the school day, during worship, through reflective spaces, before lunch and at the end of every school day. We say our school prayer and the Lord’s Prayer during worship sessions.


Pupil Conferencing


We regularly hold pupil conferencing sessions to listen to how we can improve these experiences for our pupils and further develop our Christian Values.