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Prayer and Reflection

Pupils and staff are encouraged to be reflective and opportunities for reflection and prayer are built into our school day and our environments.


Our School Prayer


The words of our school prayer can be heard around school every day. We use it during Collective Worship, to talk about our relationships and actions and at other times during the school day. The words are very special to us all.You will find our School Prayer below.

We also offer our pupils other times to engage in prayer. Pupils listen to or join in with prayers during Collective Worship and are able to contribute their own prayers, either written or spontaneous as a response to the worship message. We also say prayers before lunch and at the end of every school day.


In each classroom and in the hall, you can find a reflective space where children can respond to creative stimuli in a very personal way through prayer, actions or reflection. In our Hall is a dedicated space for prayer, here pupils and staff can find ideas and inspiration for prayer and stillness.


We also have a dedicated space in our outside environment. In this space, members of the school community can escape the bustle of the playground and find quiet and peace designed to engage all of the senses. This space is also available to parents after school.


We also have a prayer box for pupils and families through which they can request that a prayer be said in church or during our Collective Worship.