We Lava Volcano

We are sure your children have told you all about their lessons during English where they have been learning

all about Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Their enthusiasm was infectious when after making their volcanoes we went

outside to see whose erupted with the most velocity.

Isobel thought our topic was fun! As well as building her volcano and watching it explode she enjoyed writing her poem.

Molly enjoyed working with Rachel and William apparently they made a good team. She enjoyed each stage of the construction and finally the fun of explosions.

Alycea said ” I have enjoyed our topic this term and I have learnt the difference between lava and magma, I also enjoyed using Bicarbonate of Soda, red food colouring and vinegar to make our volcanoes erupt.”

Sophie told me that she has found this topic very interesting.

Seun said ” I will always remember these lessons as they have been very interesting.”

Josie enjoyed the artistic side of constructing her volcano.

Video footage.

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