We have made our own Seafarers boats, do take a look!

This term, we have been learning all about the Tudor Seafarers.

The boats were very strong and they carried many an adventurous passenger.

Mrs Baker gave us the challenge of designing and making our own boats which would float, carry a load and travel when powered by wind.

We had fun putting this to the test, and we hope you enjoy looking at us in action!

Here is what some of the children thought about the challenge …….

Ollie thought it was fun to be able to choose your own design and think independently about what resources to use.

Ayo felt it was a challenge to make a boat that could carry a weight on water. When the balloon popped by accident he used his growth mind set to replace it with limited time left, so the pressure was on!

For Elena, this was a first time experience. The materials she used were a plastic milk container, straws, a balloon and plastic for a flag.  When the balloon popped it made a loud noise!  She was proud of what her group had produced.

Hannah was excited with the anticipation of what might happen when putting the boat to the test on the water. She was happy that it floated and felt more confident as the testing progressed. Although one out of three of the boats sank, this did not deter her as the experience was overall very positive and she was part of great team work.