RE and Collective Worship

Borden is a Church of England Primary School. We teach the children the core Christian Values, such as love, forgiveness, friendship and hope. All the staff and governors are especially keen to be able to embed these values throughout the school, through what we do and say, so that the children can aspire to follow the example set by Jesus Christ.

We have strong links within the Christian community and are pleased to be linked very closely with St Peters and St Paul Parish Church, here in the village. The children attend services and teaching opportunities there throughout the year and Father John is an active member of the school community.

Religious Education

Religious Education is taught to all pupils as part of our curriculum. The school has adopted a curriculum produced by The Diocese of Rochester. It includes specific Christian teaching appropriate to our status as a Church of England School, providing the children with secure subject knowledge relating to Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other world faiths. The curriculum also encourages the children to consider what they can learn from religion – being able to reflect on their own behaviours, values and help them make sense of the world around them.

The children are taught about the Church Year and its festivals, knowledge of the Christian Saints and are familiar with the village Church. We teach the children moral values such as respect for individuals and to put into practice the Christian teaching on love, forgiveness and hope. The importance of the Bible, its stories and teachings are emphasised, especially the life of Christ.

Our school demonstrates a stable, ordered, caring community. Certainly the adults associated with the school try very hard to provide conditions which enable the children to develop spiritually, morally, emotionally and socially, as well as increasing their awareness and respect for other cultures and faiths both here in the UK and worldwide.

Collective Worship

An act of worship is held in the school every day for all pupils. We ensure that the content of the worship is enjoyable and appropriate to the ages and family backgrounds of the children, and opportunities are given for them to take an active part. In this Church of England aided school, worship reflects Anglican beliefs, practices and values in accordance with the requirements of the Trust deed.

Acts of Worship are conducted by the Headteacher, members of the staff, our Parish Priest,  the children or visitors. All the children are encouraged to take an active part  within collective worship. e.g. reading, singing, playing musical instruments, talking about Bible Stories and taking the prayers. Throughout the year we take part in many special services at Church such as Christmas, Easter, Patronal Day, All Saints Day and our Leavers Service.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from  Religious Education and Collective Worship, but we hope that parents would discuss any concerns with the Headteacher before exercising this right. We are keen for all children to reap all of the benefits of attending Borden Church of England Primary School.