Split Year Groups

Our September intake is 18
In Year 1  the 18 stay together in Maple Class.
In Year 2 the 18 are split between Maple and Cherry.
In Year 3 the 18 are reunited in Cherry Class.
In Year 4 the 18 stay together in Beech
In Year 5 the 18 are split between Beech and Chestnut
In Year 6 the 18 are reunited.

At the end of each academic year, we look individually at each child in Year 1 and Year 4 and decide on those who would benefit from continuing in their current class and those who are suitable to face the challenge of a class with older pupils. Many factors are considered in these discussions. Age is not a factor, greater emphasis is put on the suitability of the individual child. Every decision is made while keeping in mind  the fact that the development of the child is of paramount importance.