Birds nests, baby chicks, chocolate eggs, it must be ……


Chestnut class rolled up their sleeves yesterday to get to work on supporting FOBS.

They made yummy birds nest cakes for the cake sale at the end of the day.

Sam thought it was a good experience. Everyone in his group got involved, even if mistakes were made they all supported each other.

So, Sophie thought it was ‘lots of fun!’  She liked getting messy with chocolate. If ideas are needed for how to use the fundraising she thinks that sports equipment and games for wet playtime might be good.

Joshua thinks that the FOBS fundraising is a good cause for the whole School community. He liked the look of the   cakes so much that he ‘felt like I wanted to eat them all!’

For Annie, she said that the baking helped her to feel calm and relaxed, so a therapeutic experience here.

She also believes that it is such a good idea for children to have the opportunity to bake as it could help them with living independently in the future, not to mention making a career out of it. Mary Berry would agree with that!

We all feel that FOBS does a fantastic job, and appreciate them giving up their own time. We were very happy to contribute to the important fund raising that benefits every child in Borden Primary School.

Happy Easter to all of you.