40 Acts of Kindness

These are some of the children who took part in the 40 Acts of Kindness task for Lent. They managed to do one kind thing every day for 40 days. Some of the tasks included helping to make dinner, tidying up, drying up the dishes, cleaning out the hamster and helping younger brothers and sisters. […]

Road Trip USA!

On the first day back after Easter, Chestnut Class pupils came to school dressed up ‘the American Way’. We had Indians, cowboys, the Statue of Liberty and President Trump of course. Grease was duly represented as well as American food in the shape of a bag of fries. Even the FBI joined us for the day! During the […]

Road Trip USA

The children and adults came in Fancy Dress associated with the USA on the first day back after Easter. A big thank you to all the parents and carers for helping their children look so great. Ryan told me that by the end of the day he had learnt about USA States and what the flag means. […]