New life

Cherry Class showed their Growth Mindset more practically this week, as they learnt about how things grow. Olivia learnt that if you put an older potato in the soil, it will grow again and have new life. Aaron enjoyed experiencing how to plant potatoes, and says he would like to use them to make chips! […]

Cherry Class ‘Nose’ how to have fun!

We all came in red-dy to have fun on Friday and it was a bad hair day for everyone. Ben said he liked the crazy hair! “I had wire in my hair to make it stand up and everyone asked me how I did it.” giggled Lily. All the children loved their chance to have red […]

G’day from Cherry Class

Our Bruces and Sheilas had a bonzer time when a visitor came when in and wowed us all with traditional tales, as well as bringing in and playing for us an amazing didgeridoo and even brought in some for everyone to have a go. Florence enjoyed playing the digeridoo as everyone had so much fun! Emily […]

Birds nests, baby chicks, chocolate eggs, it must be ……

EASTER! Chestnut class rolled up their sleeves yesterday to get to work on supporting FOBS. They made yummy birds nest cakes for the cake sale at the end of the day. Sam thought it was a good experience. Everyone in his group got involved, even if mistakes were made they all supported each other. So, Sophie thought it was […]

Maths on the field.

We regularly go up onto the field on Friday mornings for our Maths lessons. Jacob said ” I liked making clocks on the field using sticks.” Hayden said “I have enjoyed making arrays with the hoops and being in a team.”

Mad Hair Day

On Red Nose Day Borden Pupils came into school with Mad Hair! Jess said “I put balloons in my hair it was fun, but at playtime one blew away and I cried.” Amanda said ” I wore my hair so that it looked like a birds nest- it took mummy ages- we were raising money […]

Easter cards for village elderly.

Maple Class made Easter cards to be delivered to the elderly villagers of Borden. Poppy said “When we talked about making cards for the old people it made me feel happy to help lonely people.” Evie said “We made a little chick that said ‘Easter Tweetings’ for the old people in the village.”

Dream-time Visit

We had a visitor in Maple Class, who told us Dream-time stories about Aboriginal Australia. Stanley said “I liked wearing the bush hat with the corks.” Jess said”I liked the Rainbow Snake story.” Connor and James thought it was cool when the man played the Didgeridoo

Antarctic Scientist Visits Cherry Class!

Cherry Class brings you the latest news from Borden: An extract from the Daily Cherry, by Ben Peter Kirsch came to Cherry Class in Borden School on Monday 30th January 2017, to tell us about what it’s like in Antarctica. Peter also showed us what the scientists wear and what they use to study animals […]

We have made our own Seafarers boats, do take a look!

This term, we have been learning all about the Tudor Seafarers. The boats were very strong and they carried many an adventurous passenger. Mrs Baker gave us the challenge of designing and making our own boats which would float, carry a load and travel when powered by wind. We had fun putting this to the test, and […]