Roman Day

We have been learning about the Romans and Celts in Briton this term and enjoyed dressing up in character for the day. A Roman Centurion entertained us and put us through our paces in battle. The children dressed up as Roman Soldiers, Goddesses, Ordinary people, and Gladiators.

Heroes and Villains

This term Cherry Class started learning about heroes and villains by dressing up as some. There were superheroes, real-life heroes and even some villains; it was a super first day back at school! Some real-life heroes came to visit. We helped raise money for Kent Air Ambulance by being sponsored to do tasks at home, such as […]

Clever Fingers

  In Maple Class we have been practising our fine motor skills. All of these activities are fun and engaging and will help the children to improve their handwriting skills.  Have a look at what we have been up to so far this term!  

Clocks on the Field

The Year 1 children in Maple Class were making clocks on the field. They had great fun  collecting leaves, twigs and stones from around the field. Hayden said “we used twigs to make the hands on the clock and leaves to make a round circle for the face also stones for the numbers”.

Tag Rugby at Gore Court

On Thursday 6th October some children from year 5 and 6 were able to take part in the schools tag rugby tournament which was held at Gore Court. We entered 3 teams, the Lions, Tigers and Bears. It was an amazing day and we won 6 of our 9 matches. By Harry and Jessica At […]

Foresters for the Day!

A fantastic afternoon was had by the Year 4s of Beech Class, at the Otterden Estate. The children learnt about the job of a forester and about sustainability of woodlands and habitats. They witnessed a tree being felled and logs being mechanically moved and logged. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt where we had to find […]